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Additional Resources

Red Flag Protocol to help increase understanding of red flag warnings, when to post a red flag and order supplies.

Air Horn Protocol might be helpful if communication is particularly challenging where you live.

Community Fire Fuel Reduction Chipper Event Guide  includes steps to offering an event, contact phone numbers and even a flyer to get you started.





Reflective Sign program includes information about Ordinance 13A and how to order supplies so that you can make your own.

GroupMe Text Etiquette info sheet includes how to communicate using texts and how to use the app. Here is a link to a video on how to set up GroupMe as well as a GroupMe tutorial.

If you want to start developing your own protocols here is the Protocol Template.

Communication is very important during an emergency and redundancy is key. Sign up for alerts!

Share these resources  with your neighbors.


SoCoAlert See the website for alerts as well
Nixle Or text your zip code to 888777
Purchase a NOAA radio Program to frequency 162.475 or 162.550

When properly programmed, the National Weather Service can remotely turn on these radios and send basic alerts, including for wildfire. The message may be accompanied by a warning tone, depending on the model of radio you purchase.


WEA This federal system works exclusively by sending a text message to your cell phone, much like an Amber Alert. A WEA message is accompanied by a special warning tone. To activate this alert, make sure you cell phone settings are set up to accept these emergency and public safety alerts.

How to make sure Cell phone setting are turned on.


Emergency Alert System (EAS)


The system sends messages to local radio and television stations who may broadcast it. An EAS message is typically accompanied by a special warning tone. Find out what local stations are part of the EAS so you know where to go for the latest information.


Hi-Lo Sirens When activated, this distinctive two-tone siren acts as a warning notice by an officer attempting to alert you of danger.


When a Red Flag Warning occurs, this is the time to get ready to go!

 CALFIRE has lots of materials on their website: Create an action plan, get texts, evacuation plan, emergency supply kit and defensible space.

Resources During an Incident (link to Handout)

Get the COPE Guidebook Final 2-23-2021! It is intended to be used as a reference to help prepare you, your family, animals and neighborhood to be better prepared for emergency situations. The first half of the guidebook provides information about planning and being prepared for an emergency. The second part of the document discusses specific emergency situations and provides suggested actions.

Sonoma County Department of Emergency Services

Be sure and check out the great resources available through the County including downloadable emergency plans, videos on how to make a go bag, sign up for alerts and MUCH more:

Home Hardening and Defensible Space

Learn more about having a wildfire prepared home from the Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety. They have done the research about how to make your home wildfire resilient.

Educational Videos

Check out our COPE/CERT YouTube Channel for your convenience.  Northern Sonoma County Fire District has a YouTube channel with helpful videos such as Red Flag warnings, burn piles, etc. We will keep adding resources to this page to help you become educated and able to educate others in your community.

Clint McKay spoke to a crowd of 60 people at a panel about the benefits of tribal cultural burning on Wednesday, Aug. 4, 2021, at the Villa Chanticleer picnic area. (Paige Green)