Getting Started

Why develop a COPE Program?

  • Grassroots framework that encourages communities to come together and become better prepared
  • Supports development of individual response plans and neighborhood preparedness plans
  • Endorsed by fire departments, law enforcement, and county government
  • Enables residents to be self reliant when our first responders are busy elsewhere
  • Provide info to first responders who may not be from the area
  • Easier to be prepared for emergencies when we work together
  • Opportunity to meet neighbors and develop a support system for all kinds of disasters

Chief Turbeville providing education to COPE leaders.

Is there a COPE Program in your area already?

Here is a map of COPE Communities in Northern Sonoma County.

Here is a list of current COPE communities:

Brack/Big Ridge/Chemise
Chalk Hill/North
Chalk Hill/South
Dry Creek (Norton Road)
Dry Creek Pozzan Road
West Dry Creek
Mill Creek
Mountain View Ranch Road
Soda Rockers
Fitch Mountain
Toyon Drive
Wohler Ready
Franz Valley
Knights Valley
Mark West Estates
Mark Springs Michele Way
Safari West
Westvue Meadows
Canyon Road
Hwy 128 West
NE Geyserville
Alexander Valley East (Pine Flat road)
Walling road
School House Lane, Geyserville
Stewart’s Point- Skagg’s Springs Road
City of Healdsburg
Fitch Mountain Borel
Fitch Mountain North FM Road (City)
Fitch Mountain Sunset
Fitch Mountain Benjamin Way
Fitch Mountain Scenic Lane
Fitch Mountain Villas
Poppyhill, Healdsburg
Fairway/Lower Greens
Fitch Mountain Hidden Acres
Parkland Farms/Healdsburg/BOD
River’s Bend
White Gates  (Healdsburg)
Cloverdale Cottages 2
Cloverdale/Chablis Way
Palomino Lakes, Cloverdale
Clover Springs Drive, Cloverdale
Pine Mountain/Preston
If you would like to contact the COPE program in your area please email us, we will be happy to introduce you!

There isn’t a COPE Program in your area? Start one. We are here to help.

7 Steps to COPE Program

The following seven steps are guidelines to assist individuals in setting up and maintaining a COPE program in their community:

  1. MAP Your Community . Break it down into manageable neighborhoods of ten to twenty homes.  Here is an example map of a community divided into COPE neighborhoods.
  2. BUILD Your Community and Neighborhood Leadership Team. Start with 2 Community Co-Leaders then 1-2 people to serve as Neighborhood Co-Leaders.
  3. SURVEY your Residents for information. Using a Survey Form (edit it to meet your needs) learn more about your neighbors and how to contact them in an emergency. Here is a link to the Google Form of the survey (You will need to copy this form to your own Google account then you can edit as you see fit.). To record your important community info in one place here is a COPE Census SPREADSHEET .
  4. MEET with neighbors, COPE leaders and emergency personnel to get to know each other and create a communication plan.
  5. ASSESS  the needs of your Community.  What are you most concerned about in your community? Identify priority projects and develop a plan of action.
  6. EDUCATE your COPE leaders and neighbors. Leaders can participate in the monthly COPE Leadership meetings and learn about educational opportunities. Here is a COPE Disaster Preparedness Calendar for 2022 with a list of topics and links to educational materials.
  7. MAINTAIN Relationships with Neighbors, Leaders and First Responders. Every six months conduct a COPE Neighborhood Team meeting and review and update COPE information.

Do you have 2-4 hours per month? If so, you can be a COPE Leader!

COPE Documents and Help

For more details about setting up a program be sure and see the COPE 101 Handbook 4-2022 . Notice that it is available in Word so that you can start using the forms attached right away and make any changes to the document you wish. Make it your own! There is a lot of information about emergency preparedness here in the COPE Guidebook .

Find out more: COPE Info Sessions occur monthly on the third Tuesday 3:30 PM except in December. If you are just getting started or if you have been at it for a while but have questions, this is for you! A couple of COPE leaders and sometimes a fire official are there to answer your questions. You can register for a COPE Info Session via Zoom here.

Founding leadership of the Fitch Mountain COPE Program.