Welcome to C.O.P.E.!


The mission of COPE Northern Sonoma County is to help residents, families, and visitors to prepare, respond and recover from emergencies.

COPE is a grassroots effort built upon the concept of “neighbor helping neighbor” engaging communities in emergency preparedness education, advocacy and planning. COPE fosters community preparedness in coordination with public safety agencies, non-profits, and non-governmental agencies.


  • Serve our community as a California Fire Safe Council and to help those interested in establishing COPE programs in the area.
  • Create a public forum to educate, train and encourage Northern Sonoma County communities to create COPE programs.
  • Identify, plan, organize, and spearhead projects that lead to increased emergency preparedness.
  • Assist in identifying and pursuing funding opportunities in support of community preparedness efforts. Longer-term, act as fiscal sponsor to facilitate access to funding sources by community groups.
  • Promote partnership and collaboration with government agencies, public safety organizations and other organizations.
  • Advocate for our communities by influencing policy, bureaucratic processes and the allocation of resources for emergency preparedness.